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About Me

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Since I was very young, I have always been able to draw and be creative but not at a level above my maturity.  Many people become masters of their craft.  I have been on a path to bridge the gap of skill and a missing element to find that mastery... art that is guided by the Holy Spirit.  I continue to develop and hone my skills to produce quality products and rely on my relationship with the Holy Spirit to be a conduit to creativity that GOD allows me to have or develop.



It is my desire to never stop improving and looking for unique ways to show God in my Art.  He is our creator, and we are to create also as our Heavenly Father.  Contact me if you have any ideas or dreams that we can develop and communicate to others.  I am here to serve the Permian Basin area and my online customers. 

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 432-208-4725 (leave message)

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